Permanent Housing Plus On-Site Support

Options Bytown is a non-profit organization that provides HousingPlus services in Ottawa, combining affordable housing with on-site counselling, training and other services for people who need help to live independently

We help people who face social isolation and other complex challenges – individuals who may have very low incomes, a history of homelessness or special needs that may relate to mental illness, HIV/AIDS or substance use.

HousingPlus, also known as "supportive housing", reduces reliance on costly emergency, health and social services and, more importantly, helps people to be strong and successful members of the community. Since they now have housing and on-site support, tenants build relationships and a sense of community within their buildings and are encouraged to contribute to the health and safety of their neighbourhoods.

Options Bytown is a locally grown model of supportive housing that saves taxpayers money, improves tenants’ quality of life, and brings into stark focus the simple solution that’s needed to solve the complex problems of homelessness.

We encourage you to learn more about Options Bytown so that you too can become part of the HousingPlus equation. Here are our Ottawa programs and services. Click the images below for more information.

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380 Cumberland 375-379 Gilmour 369 Stewart Social Housing Resource Centres


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